All the help and assistance that NOKTA GLOBAL provides is not only before the purchase process, or during the purchase process, but also when completed. NOKTA GLOBAL offer a comprehensive after sales and property management service through our experienced aftersales department.
NOKTA GLOBAL offer additional services such as on-site management, repairs, renovation, home furnishing, property rentals, transfers and much more.


Regular inspections of your property

It is necessary to know that somebody is looking after your property whilst you are away. Our team will visit your property on a regular basis to check that everything is in order. In case of any maintenance we will inform you about it and ask for permission to carry out the work.

Cleaning service & housekeeping department

Before your arrival, our friendly cleaners ensure your property is ready for your stay. A housekeeping service can be provided during your or your guests stay on a regular basis as well.

Garden maintenance

Whether you have a private or a communal garden, our gardening department will do all necessary works to provide a nice looking landscaping.

Swimming pool maintenance

NOKTA GLOBAL offers a full pool maintenance service, which includes the following jobs: filling the pool in the beginning of the season, daily pool cleaning service, putting the pool chemicals, making chemical tests on a regular basis, emptying the pool after the season, maintaining the pool engine and all utilities

Airport transfer

On request, transfer from and to the airport is provided for you and your guests.

Payment of utility bills, annual taxes and insurance

On request, NOKTA GLOBAL will take care of your utility bills (electric, water), annual taxes (council tax), your insurances (building and contents) and arranges payments for you.


  • Obtaining a tax number
    All property owners in Turkey are required to have a tax number which is issued locally

  • Opening a Turkish bank account
    For all your future needs, we suggest you open a Turkish bank account

  • Obtaining a residence permission
    For your long term stays we will provide assistance for you to take a residence permission.

  • Furnishing your property
    NOKTA GLOBAL will advise on quality, value for money and delivery requirements. Progress reports and photographs will be provided on process

  • Insurance consultancy
    Please take quotes from several insurance companies before making a decision, your bank may also be able to advise. The cost will vary according to the size and value of your home. The insurance policy will include building contents and earthquake cover.

  • Dask insurance
    This is a separate insurance that is compulsory by law and covers earthquake damage.

  • Water and electricity registrations
    Installation of water and electricity meters and registration with the government.

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